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Foreign Language

Implementation & Technical Assistance

Do you need support or guidance in developing resources, conducting research, or planning accessible programs and content?

We know that every organization has specific needs or challenges. Whether you have something concrete in mind or need support brainstorming an idea, call us in.

What Types of Technical Assistance do you Provide?

Through this service line, we will provide ad hoc assistance and guidance to you and your team. 

We design customized resources for you.

We conduct best practices research and analyses.

We provide your departments with technical assistance.

We provide you with resources and people referrals.

Examples of previously provided Technical Assistance:

  • Technical Assistance Sessions:

    • Review Language Access Plans or Language Justice Plans

    • Develop ADA Effective Communication Plans or Communications Access Plans

    • Plan Multilingual and Accessible Programs and Events

    • Plan Multilingual and Accessible Information and Materials

  • Draft:

    • Organization Policies or Procedures

    • Language Access | Justice-related Scopes of Work

    • Department-specific Training Work Plans

    • Language Access or Language Justice-related Position Descriptions

    • Proposals to Improve Infrastructure Improvement

  • Research Department or Industry-Specific Best Practices:

    • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Emergency Management)​

    • Environmental Justice and Energy Efficiency

    • Healthcare and Hospitals

  • Vendor Research

  • Resource Recommendations

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