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We offer services to individuals interested in making change rooted in Accessibility and Language Justice.

Systems Change

We offer services dedicated to making organizational systems change that is rooted in Accessibility and Language Justice.

Our Approach:
Accessibility and Language Justice Methodology

Three parallel graphics of individuals planning and strategizing using a variety of tools and frameworks

We developed the Accessibility & Language Justice Methodology, which we leverage within each of our offerings.

While federal guidance and best practice research will support your planning processes, they do not provide a structured roadmap or the context-specific know-how that you need to design transformative infrastructure. Our approach is rooted in principles of Accessibility and Language Justice.

We are people-centered. 
We prioritize the experiences and needs of people and communities that you serve, within and outside of your organization.
We amplify the voices of the staff whom you rely on.
We recognize that the best solutions are local and community-driven. 

We collaborate directly with language and disability community members.

We support your organizations to build bridges and pathways to communities. 

We identify opportunities to upskill department staff and leadership.

We work across industries and sectors and share best practices and learnings.

We strategize to develop sustainable fiscal allocations and operational practices.

We leverage this methodology and framework in all of our work.

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