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Services for Individual Change

Accessibility and Language Justice Training Series

We offer a series of trainings, workshops and webinars focusing on building knowledge and skills to implement Accessibility and Language Justice principles in your everyday life. In each training, you will explore the real experiences of community members and practitioners, and engage in industry-specific and community-driven best practices.

Introductory Participatory Trainings:

  • Introduction to Language Justice and Language Access

  • Introduction to Accessibility and Effective Communication

Skills Building Workshops:

  • Building Coalitions Toward Accessibility and Language Justice

  • How To Plan for Multilingual & Accessible Spaces and Events

  • How To Plan for Multilingual & Accessible Information and Content


  • Accessibility and ADA Effective Communication Practices in the Field

  • Language Justice and Language Access in the Field

We design customized resources for you.

We conduct best practices research and analyses.

We provide your departments with technical assistance.

We provide you with resources and people referrals.

Examples of Technical Assistance Support:

  • Review and Provide Directed Feedback on:

    • Language Access Plans or Language Justice Plans

    • ADA Effective Communication Plans or Communications Access Plans

    • Policies and Procedures To Plan Multilingual and Accessible Programs, Events, Information, and Materials

  • Research Industry-Specific Best Practices:

    • Healthcare and Hospitals

    • K-12 Public Education

    • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Emergency Management)​

    • Environmental Justice and Energy Efficiency

  • Vendor Research

  • Resource Recommendations

Implementation & Technical Assistance

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