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Meet Founder and CEO, Manar-ul Islam Swaby

Headshot of Manar-ul Islam Swaby

Image Description: A cropped headshot of Sway B Access founder, Manar Swaby, smiling, wearing a black blazer, a grey textured turtleneck, and black glasses. Behind Manar is a dark grey concrete wall.

Manar-ul Islam Swaby (she | they) is a Black neurodivergent person who grew up in an immigrant household in New York City. Manar is formally trained in systems learning design, where their design practice centers on the experiences of those directly impacted. Through their work, Manar is excited to support and guide individuals and their organizations as they move through transformation. 

"I founded Sway B Access because this was the best way I could do what it is that I love -- collaborating with groups and teams toward a goal of equity and justice. Through our work, I leverage tenets of language justice, disability justice, and design justice. I am always eager to expand my knowledge and practice, and bring that to my clients."


We work with an amazing team of contractors who hold years of both lived experience and work experience. Together, we work to uphold the values and principles of Accessibility & Language Justice. 

A warm thank you for your continued partnership and collaboration:

  • Andrea Salazar, of We Amplify It! (she|her), Language Equity Consultant

  • Christopher Rosales (he|him), Financial Analyst

  • Erin Waddles (she|her), Project Manager; DEI Specialist

  • Guisselle Mendoza-McDonald (she|her), Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist

  • Merline Desamour (she|her), Administrative Assistant

  • Peggy Liao (she|her), Multilingual Communications & Service Design Specialist

  • Samantha Howald, of Roswald Co. (she|her), Project Manager

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