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Vision and Values


We seek to:

  • Co-design community-driven and people-rooted solutions that align with our values of accessibility, equity, and justice

  • Build bridges and develop pathways for meaningful engagement and active decision-making of culturally and linguistically diverse communities

  • Lead organizational transformation through strategic planning, capacity building, and empowerment of staff & leadership

  • Develop and share industry-wide best practices and strategies that enable organizations to strategically prioritize and plan for meaningful access


Accessibility, Justice, and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

  • All of our identities intersect. To make systemic change, we cannot look at any of these elements without the other. We engage and reflect notions of representation, access, belonging, and capacity in our services as well as our business practices.


People and Community

  • The core of our work is rooted in building structures of accessibility and justice, led by individual people and communities that have been structurally placed into spaces of marginalization. We design solutions that root in the experiences, priorities, needs, and strengths of respective language and disability communities.



  • It is critical that we never lose sight of our mission and that we keep ourselves aligned with the reasons why we are doing the work we do. Accountability extends beyond communicating insights and findings back to the communities we surveyed. It is ensuring that the individuals we are designing for are direct actors and agents of the change we are seeking to make. It is identifying concrete opportunities to build collectively and collaboratively, and following through.


Accessibility and Language Justice, A Mindset and Design Practice


“When you design for the margins, you design for all.”

- Caeser McDowell, Urban Design Professor at MIT. 

  • Design is the process. Accessibility and Language Justice are how we center people most directly impacted by the design. At Sway B Access, we explore ways to design processes and systems that listen to and serve constituencies across varied experiences.

Digital Accessibility Statement

Our team at Sway B Access is committed to providing a digital experience that is accessible to all visitors, and to ensure a delightful experience for all persons with disabilities. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and seek to adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

If there is any direct feedback you would like to share with us, or information would like access to in a different format, please reach out directly to us via email at

Graphic of a person with a visual disability navigating  a digital website

At present, we are working on the following known limitations of our site:

  • Screenreader navigation on mobile site:

    • The screenreader focus is not trapped in the hamburger menu​

    • The screenreader announces the role  of the "X" close button as a pop-up button

  • Zoom function:

    • At 400% zoom, a horizontal scroll bar appears​

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