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Accessibility and Language Justice Work Plan

Have you identified that you need to prioritize and better integrate Accessibility and Language Justice into your organization, but aren't exactly sure where to begin, or how to start?

What Is the Work Plan?

We offer ready-made and customizable work plans to get you ready to uncover your organizational and community needs. The ALJ Work Plan will get you ready to lead your own Strategic Planning & Analysis process. Whether you are preparing for a do-it-yourself approach or to hire externally, this Work Plan will ensure you are prepared.

We can also work with you directly to do the customization that your organization needs.

Work Plan Components

Each plan spells out the needs and resources you will need to implement a robust organizational and community assessment, including the following:

  • Accessibility and Language Justice Methodology and Approach

  • Data Collection Template Resources & Additional Materials List

  • Necessary Personnel and Community Partners

  • Estimated Timeline and Project Milestones

  • Estimated Budget and Financial Resources

  • Best Practices, Recommendations, and Extra Tips for Implementation

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